Selling Your Home? Choose the Right Realtor!!

How to Choose the Perfect Realtor for Selling Your Home

Selling your home or property is a huge undertaking, and you don’t want to just take the first Realtor you see for the job with no questions asked!

But, according to statistics from the National Association of Realtors, more than 75% of recent sellers were in contact with only one real estate agent before choosing who to represent them. We can only assume most of them chose that one person they spoke with.

Selecting the right real estate agent for your home, lakefront, commercial, or farm sale can make an incredible difference not only in the final figures you may receive, but also in your overall experience as a seller. You do not want an agent who compounds confusion and stress, so it’s well worth taking the time to consider several options!

“But wait,” you might be saying. “Don’t you want us to pick you?”

Yes, we are a realty group and yes, we do hope you ultimately choose us for your sale. Our agents have confidence in the field and a defined commitment to helping our clients have the best experience possible. 

You shouldn’t just take our word for it, though. We’re more than willing to prove our value to you over our competitors. And ultimately, you deserve to go with a real estate agent you feel best suits your needs.

Here is what to be looking for when you’re seeking out a real estate agent to sell your home or property.

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Experience in Your Property Type, Price Range, and Area

The right agent for your needs will more than likely have plenty of experience selling homes just like yours – and if in your own neighborhood, even better!

Look for not only a high number of sales that lie within your price range, but sales that tend to take less time than average. Having information on their average sale-to-list price ratio (what the home was initially listed for compared to what it finally sold for) can also be helpful.

Our agents specialize in the many property types that exist around the Coldwater region. Are you looking to sell your lakefront home? A commercial building or lot? Farm space that is widely sprawling or manageably petite? We can help you narrow down our agent list to those that have the most experience with your type of property and price range. 

A Good Response Time

You want an agent who is accessible and promptly addresses your needs within a reasonable amount of time. 

Reach out to each candidate by email or phone. Ideally, they should respond to you on the same day unless they have a good explanation for not doing so. In real-life cases when needs and offers need to be addressed quickly, though, you want to be assured your agent will be there for you right away.

We can’t stress how essential speed is in this business – especially in our region. Properties can be snatched up extremely quickly; sometimes within 24 hours! 

With such a potentially short time window, you want to be sure that your agent is accessible at all times. You can call our office 24/7 and expect to hear a prompt response from our staff.

A Sound Marketing Strategy

A good agent will have a good plan for getting your listing in front of as many potential buyers as possible. Ask each candidate how they intend to market your home or property.

Online listings are key to drawing in most interested parties today (you can see many such listings on our own website), but they should not be the be-all, end-all of an agent’s marketing efforts.

Ask each candidate how else they intend to market your home: 

  • Will they use social media, such as Facebook or Instagram?
  • Who will take photos of the home and property? 
  • Will they use tried-and-true signs and brochures? 
  • Will they do open houses? 
  • What does the whole of their advertising plan look like, and how much would it cost? 

Look not only for full answers to these questions, but confidence in answering them as well.

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Adaptiveness to Different Situations

If there are any unique qualities or preferences surrounding your sale, bring them up before choosing an agent. This can include having a specific timeline that you wish to close a sale by, a minimum sale amount, and other needs you may have. 

Additionally, your home itself may have some qualities that might make it more or less challenging to sell in the current market. Do not be afraid to ask about these as well.

A good agent will be considerate toward your terms and the factors surrounding your sale, but also forthcoming about areas that may be a challenge. They should not pave over or ignore any potential issues just to please you, as that rarely ends up helping anyone.

Connection is Key

You may review several candidates for selling your home and find that most or all of them check the right boxes for your needs. If that is the case, then don’t dismiss any trust or personal connection you felt while interviewing each one. Ultimately, you want someone you believe you can easily work with and will have your back when you need them.

One of the agents at Midwestern Realty Group may be exactly who you need to make the most of your lakefront, commercial, farm, and other property sales. We’d be happy to talk with you about it! Simply call our office or fill out our online contact form to get in touch today.